Doris Orsan’s violin is a prima donna, singing as expressively as the Spanish Montserrat Caballé once did.

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One who was the focus of the Look into the Future festival was Doris Orsan. At 18 she played Bach’s famous Ciaccona for the first time. 29 years later she came with this monstrous work in the stone hall in the Raitenhaslach monastery and put on a stunning concert. The actual Ciaccona is only the last movement of a five-movement partita, which is written in the popular violin key in D minor, but which can only be mastered by absolute professionals. The endless arpeggios demand full concentration, as does the length of the piece. Keeping this up requires technical perfection. But Doris Orsan offered more. She recorded Bach’s intermingling and conflicting tones, conveying a higher form of expression to her audience – what may have moved Bach when, after the death of his wife, deeply disturbed, he wrote this piece and expressed his sore soul. – A great moment in music.

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Musical dream couple

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The way the duo Kreusch / Orsan put the tango on the floor is gorgeous. Yes, it tingles, crackles and gushes with passion that if you are eager to dance and love to travel you want to call out: “Buenos Aires, I’m coming! Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch are not only a stage couple, but also have a private relationship. Perhaps their secret lies in their intuitive, almost self-forgetting and verve to venture into the Latin American-Iberian panorama of modern classical music.



Highly recommended!

Akustik Gitarre

The duo Kreusch.Orsan: Classic innovators

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And there was actually an increase: on behalf of the master Pagainini, who was unable to attend due to “time constraints” (he will still regret it), the violinist Doris Orsan appeared on stage and, congenially accompanied by Steidl, delivered a gorgeous, musically grandiose performance. After this super pas de deux with Paganini’s “Centone di sonate”, a Paganini encore was needed: the buttery cantabile.

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