About Tangos & Canciones

With “Tangos & Canciones” Doris Orsan, together with her long-time duo partner, the guitarist Johannes Tonio Kreusch, is primarily dedicated to the music from Argentina, Spain and Cuba. The focus is on two world premiere recordings of cycles that were composed for the duo. The well-known tango composer Máximo Diego Pujol has musically staged well-known places in Buenos Aires with his three-movement work “Tripticon porteño”, which is dedicated to the two musicians. This cycle is a modern answer to the tango suite “L´Histoire du Tango – The History of Tango”, also recorded here, with which the tango revolutionary Astor Piazzolla traces the history of the development of tango. This legendary work, as well as his famous “Oblivion”, get a new intensity in the instrumentation with violin and guitar.

Another world premiere recording on the program is the “Cuatro Piezas en Estilo Tradicional Cubano”, which the Cuban composer Tulio Peramo Cabrera also wrote for Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch. As one of the most important contemporary composers in Cuba, Tulio Peramo Cabrera also gives with these works an insight into the fascinating history of the development of Cuban music around well-known rhythms and styles such as Habanera or Son Cubano. Scala Magazine wrote about Peramo’s music: “What luck: There are other sounds from Cuba than from the Buena Vista Social Club! Even really unheard of. ” The strong influence that Spanish culture had in Latin America and especially in Cuba is to be taken into account with music by the Spanish master Manuel de Falla: This remarkable CD features two of his most famous works (“Suite populaire Espagñola” and Spanish dance from the opera “La Vida Breve”) in new arrangements for violin and guitar.

“Tangos & Canciones” is rounded off with “Una Canción” by Aníbal Troilo, a companion and teacher of Astor Piazzolla and Egberto Gismonti’s moving “Agua e Vinho”. Tulio Peramo Cabrera has rearranged both works for Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch.


Johannes Tonio Kreusch: guitar

Doris Orsan: violin


Astor Piazzolla: L’Histoire du Tango
Brothel 1900
Cafe 1930
Nightclub 1960
Concert d’aujourd’hui

Máximo Diego Pujol: Tríptico porteño *
Estación Retiro
El Rosedal
Plaza de Mayo
* Dedicated to Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch – World Premier Recording

Astor Piazzolla

Egberto Gismonti
Agua e Vinho

Manuel de Falla: Suite popular espagñole
El paño moruno
Seguidilla murciana

Manuel de Falla
Danza Espagñola No. 1 from La Vida Breve

Tulio Peramo Cabrera: Cuatro piezas en estilo tradicional cubano *
Danzón breve
* Dedicated to Doris Orsan and Johannes Tonio Kreusch – World Premier Recording

Anibal Troilo (Pichuco)
Una Canción

Further information and audio samples can be found at: https://www.glm.de/produkt/johannes-tonio-kreusch-doris-orsan-tango-canciones/

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